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Friday, 27 February 2009

Just a update

Firstly, I would just like to say that I think the project is going well, especially considering all of the dissertation work. Everyone is posting good things on their blogs. Just a couple of things.

Firstly I would like to see everyone's work the last week of term so we can prepare for the presentation to Mike.

Secondly, over easter we need all backgrounds completed and all rough animation must be done.

If not we won't get the project completed.

Okay guys.

Let's get our dissertations over with.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Brand New Completely Final Animatic

Well, here it is. Finally the final version of the story. All it needs now is the music and sound effects. Hopefully our sound guy James (aka Jason) can do that for us. Actually, I think all that work paid off. It's much snappier now and it flows much better than before. Great work Smiling' Simon, for getting this done.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Changes to Script


Well Mike had a look at the film last week and had lots of nice things to say about it which is good. His one comment was he got a bit confused as to what was on camera and what was off camera. The thing is it's all on camera, the viewer is supposed to be the audience watching it at home on their TV sets, just as they actually would be. He suggested overcoming this issue by having camera men working cameras, out of focusing and slight camera shakes. He also suggested something at the start just to fully indicate to the audience, so I came up with the idea of using a movie clapper board.
Looking at the script again, I have had feelings about it. Considering that it has taken me about a week to animate one 10 second scene, I am now fretting over the length. Will we be able to get this done in time. Considering this, I have gone in with a axe and chopped out anything that is not absolutely necessary. This usually resulted in bits of lines of dialogue going, however it did result in the entire disappearance of the scene where he describes the dental tools. I'm sad to see it go but I'm really worried here. Anyway here is the new script.

Script 09/02/2009

Movie Clapper Board.

Focuses In

Susie-May: Live from the Deep South of America. Brought to you by Aunt Marcie’s (Fatback Bits in Gravy). It’s The Professor!

Camera pans back revealing studio

Audience: Clap! Clap!

Title fades in

Prof: Howdy! Welcome to the show! Woops!

Prof knocks award of shelf.

Man in audience laughs

Prof: You know I keep knocking over this award I won at university for my thesis on the advanced growth of bananas. And this got me thinking…people slip on bananas. And what’s the opposite of slipping, sticking, yes. What do people step on that’s sticky, gum, gum, chewing gum. Thinking about gum, gums, we have gums in our mouths. Which is why today’s topic is dentistry. Whilst I get ready R.A.M why don't you tell the folks at home more about teeth.

R.A.M: Glad to Prof! Teeth are loose bones held to the jaw by soft tissue known as gums. When bacteria enter the gum line it eats away causing diseases.

Bacteria: heh heh heh!

R.A.M: So that's why it is very important to brush and floss your teeth.

Prof realises he needs help from audience

Prof: R.A.M

R.A.M initiates picture generator.

Lights flash over audience.

Stops on Mort.

Mort in first row eating a banana.

Prof grabs Mort.

Mort drops banana.

Mort gets rushed into chair.

Prof: Studying at university I witnessed many dental procedures. I can’t believe I’m doing my first one. Open Wide!

Mort: Hmmmmpfff!

Prof: Look at all these gingivitis filled gums… Isn’t that fascinating! Now let's get started.

Click, Click.

Prof: Hmmm having a bit of trouble here. Maybe if I pull a little. GULP!

Mort’s Tooth pings out

Ram: GASP!

Light falls down on Professor’s head.

Mort’s head swells up!

Mort: EEEE!

R.A.M jumps down, hops over to get Susie

Prof: Don’t worry it’s all part of the procedure I’m competent

RAM brings Susie back

Susie-May: Don’t worry because Aunt Marcie’s (Fatback Bits in Gravy) is not only a tasty snack, it is also an all purpose medical treatment.

Mort’s head swells back down.

Prof: Well we have come to the end of our show see you next time science seekers.

Prof slips on banana peel.

Camera pans out over audience.

Fades to credit sequence-showing stills from other episodes.

Susie-May: This episode was brought to you by Aunt Marcie’s (Fatback Bits in Gravy). Come all back now you here!