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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Progress Report


Here is just another post explaining what has gone on the last few days and what hopefully will be going on until the deadline of Friday. First of all, I must give full praise to the sound guy James. He has done an amazing job with the sound. In fact he did such a good job that when we look at the previous copy of the film I realised the most of my edits weren't necessary. We did go away and cut down one scene, added a puff of smoke and added a TV switching off at the end. I felt that it ended the film quite nicely. I tried to do this pan, but it was just proving to difficult to do in Aftereffects, so we decided just to cut to single shots.

Hopefully, Simon will get a finished cut of the film done by early next week and hen we can spend the rest of the week cleaning up the film.

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